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01. The Phoenix

from the forthcoming project


Clifton Jennings presents
01. The Phoenix

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01. The Phoenix

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Lyrics & Vocals by Clifton Jennings
Produced by Josh Garrels

Crisp steps on a cold night
Shadows dance in the firelight
Born with the sharpest sword in my mouth
I've been training for this my entire life

Pen scratches on blank paper
Images arise from the ashes glasses 
sweat with the perspiration
as if they knew how hard I was concentrating

It's a cold world, it's a cold world
when the wind blows 
but love smolders in the darkest corners 
and it always glows 

it always glows, like it always knows 
that the red hot coals of an older summer romance 
never really grow cold,
we just grow old...

We just grow old...


Once upon a time I believed in love
now I can barely believe in trust
so I hide my doubts behind my teeth 
say cheese but never open up

I never open up 
like a hard-shell clam in the hand 
of a beautiful girl that has your look… 
but doesn't have your touch

And the memories 
are like friends that leave you in your time of need 
when you can't stand 
that you can't stand and you need a crutch

And there's no way 
I can say this plainly enough:
Even though sometimes I don't believe 
in love, I still believe in us



One time for the honey
Two times for the hive
Three times for the bees buzzing…

One hand in the

So how do you measure a life? 
Just look how brightly it shines
Our love's divided by the sum of our hearts
and the distance between your thighs

And I'm still walking that line
Cuz love's outside of time
With a pad and a pen and the love of my kin
and a head full of songs till we meet again

let these songs be your guide 
Let no one stop you from flying
There's a million reasons and 4 seasons 
where you could call it a night

But a line in the sand and the word of a man
can carry him his whole life
Said a line in the sand and the word of a man
can carry him his whole life


Fans And Friends


Hey so...

As I've played this song for close friends and a few fans prior to releasing it, the response has been overwhelming.  Repeatedly, and sometimes tearfully, the stories have poured forth regarding past and current relationships and how the lyrics spoke to them on a deeply personal level - often at just the right moment.  Serendipity is something I can't ignore, so this is what I've decided to do:  

If this song touches you, just let me know.

Tell me the story.  I don't care if you don't have the right words and it doesn't have to be pretty - the best stories are always raw anyway.  I just want you to know you're not alone; and sometimes writing it down and sending it to someone helps.  

It has certainly helped me.  


Always seems to help me write something when I give it a title, I dunno
Your Name
Your Name